Takeaways Menu

Check out our new Takeaways menu with a variety of meals to choose from.
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6 Prawns & ChipsR79
12 Prawns & ChipsR149
Calamari Rings & ChipsR80
Kingklip 300g & 2 SidesR139
Calamari Trio & 2 SidesR130
Hake, Calamari & 4 Prawns & 2 SidesR139
1/2 Kilo PrawnsSQ
1 Kilo PrawnsSQ
Tempura Crab & Calamari & 2 SidesR90
6 Prawns & Calamari & 2 SidesR105

Wings & Chips

6 Wings & ChipsR47
8 Wings & ChipsR63
12 Wings & ChipsR89
Add 4 Wings OnlyR25

Family Meals

Family Chicken Feast
(12 Wings, 2 Chicken Cordon Blue, 2 Chicken Schnitzel & 4 Sides)
Family Fish Feast
(5 Hake Fillets, 1 Calamari Rings & 4 Sides)
Family Combo
(3 Chicken Schnitzel, 3 Hake Fillets & 4 Sides)
Family Favourite
(300g Ribs, 3 Chicken Schnitzels, 3 Calamari Rings & 4 Sides)
Mom, Dad & The Kids
(2 Hake Fillets, 2 Chicken Cordon Blue, 2x 100g Beef Burgers & 4 Sides)
Burger Family
(2x 200g Beef Burgers, 2x Chicken Fillet Burgers & 4x Chips)
Add CalamariR29
Add 6 PrawnsR69
Add Onion Rings (Battered)R17
Add 4 WingsR25
Add 2L Cold DrinkR20

Kids Menu

Served with Chips

Fish StripsR45
Chicken NuggetsR50
Cheese Griller SausageR45
Chicken Burger (Ask for no Garnish)R45
Beef Burger (Ask for no Garnish)R45
Junior RibsR60


Served with 2 Sides

Hake & Calamari RingsR80
Hake & Chicken SchnitzelR80
Chicken Schnitzel & Calamari RingsR80
Cheddermelt Chicken Schnitzel (Mushroom Sauce)R100
2x Chicken SchnitzelR90
2x Chicken Cordon Blue'sR100
Chicken Cordon Blue & Hake FilletR100
Chicken Cordon Blue & Calamari RingsR100
Ribs 150g & 6 Chicken WingsR120
Ribs 150g & Calamari RingsR120
Ribs 150g & Chicken Cordon BlueR120
Rump 150g & Calamari RingsR130
Rump 150g & 6 Chicken WingsR130
Rump 150g & Chicken Cordon BlueR130
Rump 150g & Hake FilletR130

Fish & Chips

Chips & RiceVeggies
One Hake & ChipsR55R65
Two Hake & ChipsR79R89
Two Crumbed Hake & ChipsR79R89
Two Grilled Hake & ChipsR79R89
One Grilled Hake & Garden SaladR69-
Two Grilled Hake & Garden SaladR92-


BurgerWith Chips
Chicken Fillet BurgerR40R50
Hake Fillet BurgerR40R50
Calamari BurgerR40R50
100g Single Beef BurgerR40R50
200g Double Beef BurgerR50R60
300g Triple Beef BurgerR60R70
Bert's BurgerR60R70
Toasted 200g Jalapeno Cheese BurgerR60R60
Bacon, Cheese & Beef Burger 100gR60R70
100g Beef Burger with Bacon, Cheese & Peri-PeriR60R70
Double Down Chicken
(Chicken Fillets, Bacon & Cheese)
Sesame Chicken Fillet BurgerR45R55
Calamari Burger, Cheese & PineR50R60
Lunch Deal: 12:00 - 14h00
Chicken Burger, Chips & Can


House SaladR49
Greek SaladR45
Chicken Salad (100g)R59

Grills & Steaks

Served with Chips, Mash, Rice or Vegetables of the day. R10 EXTRA

Rump SteakR145R125
Pepper MeltR155R135
Cheesy GarlicR155R135
Mushroom RumpR155R135
T-Bone 500gR159
Lamb Chops 400gR159
Crumbed Pork ChopR99
Add Pork ChopR50
Beef Schitzel 150gR130
Eisbein Man SizeR140
Rib 150g & Rump ComboR149
Add Sauce:
Pepper, Mushroom, Cheese & Garlic

Ribs & Chips

Spare Ribs are Marinated in our Smokey Barbeque Basting

1 Rack Ribs & Chips (150g)R60
2 Racks Ribs & Chips (300g)R105
4 Racks Ribs & Chips (600g)R175
8 Racks Ribs & Chips (1.2kg)R345