Takeaways Menu

Check out our new Takeaways menu with a variety of meals to choose from.


Hake & Calamari RingsR135
Calamari Rings & ChipsR135
6 Prawns & CalamariR155
Hake, Calamari & 4 PrawnsR195
Calamari TrioR205
Kingklip (200g)R190
1/2kg PrawnsSQ
1kg PrawnsSQ


Add CalamariR40
Add 6 PrawnsR90
Add Onion RingsR25
Add 4 WingsR45
Add Hake FilletR45
Add 150g RibsR60

Family Meals

Family Chicken Feast
12 Wings, 2 Chicken Cordon Bleu, 2 Chicken Schnitzels & 4 Sides
Family Fish Feast
5 Hake Fillets, 1 Calamari Rings & 4 Sides
Family Combo
3 Chicken Schnitzels, 3 Hake Fillets & 4 Sides
Family Favourite
300g Ribs, 3 Chicken Schnitzels, 3 Calamari Rings & 4 Sides
Mom, Dad and the Kids
2 Hake Fillets, 2 Chicken Cordon Bleu, 2 x 100g Beef Burgers & 4 Sides
Burger Family
2 x 100g Beef Burgers
2 x 100g Chicken Burgers
4 x Chips
Family Grill Feast
250g Steak Strips
300g Ribs
400g Lamb Chops
8 Wings
4 Sides

Kids Menu

Served with Chips

Fish StripsR75
Chicken NuggetsR75
Cheese Griller SausageR70
Chicken BurgerR75
Beef BurgerR75
Junior RibsR97
Cheese ToastieR55
Cheese Beef BurgerR85


Served with 2 Sides

Hake & Calamari RingsR135
Hake & Chicken SchnitzelR125
Chicken Schnitzel & Calamari RingsR125
Cheddermelt Chicken Schnitzel (Mushroom Sauce)R145
2x Chicken SchnitzelR135
2x Chicken Cordon Blue'sR145
Chicken Cordon Blue & Hake FilletR140
Chicken Cordon Blue & Calamari RingsR140
Ribs 150g & 6 Chicken WingsR190
Ribs 150g & Calamari RingsR190
Ribs 150g & Chicken Cordon BlueR190
Rump* 250g & Calamari RingsR240
Rump* 250g & 6 Chicken WingsR240
Rump* 250g & Chicken Cordon BlueR240
Rump* 250g & Hake FilletR240
*Replace Rump with Fillet+R30

Fish & Chips

Rice & ChipsVeg & Salad
1pc Hake* & ChipsR90R100
2pc Hake* & ChipsR110R120
*Grilled, Fried or Crumbed
Add 35ml Tartare+R10
Add 90ml Tartare+R16
Add Calamari+R40
Add 6 Prawns+R90


Mother of all Burgers
(200g beef patty, Chicken Schnitzel, Bacon, Egg, Cheese and Cheese Sauce)
Chicken Fillet (200g)R80
Hake Fillet (100g)R80
Calamari Rings (150g)R80
100g Single BeefR70
200g Double BeefR80
300g Triple BeefR90
Bert's Burger (200g)R95
Toasted Beef, Jalapeño And Cheese (200g)R95
Beef, Bacon and Cheese (100g)R90
Beef, Bacon, Cheese & Peri-Peri (100g)R95
Calamari, Cheese & Pineapple (150g)R85
Power Bowls
Chicken or Hake Nuggets served with Feta, Avo, Pickled Onion and Rice
Add chips to your Burger+R15


House SaladR90
Greek SaladR85
Chicken Salad (100g)R90

Grills & Steaks

Replace Rump with Fillet +R30

Rump* (250g)R190
Cheddarmelt Rump* (250g)R205
Peppermelt Rump* (250g)R205
Cheesy Garlic Rump* (250g)R205
Mushroom Rump* (250g)R205
* Replace Rump with Fillet+R30
T-Bone (500g)R230
Lamb Chops (400g)R230
Crumbed Pork ChopR155
Eisbein Man-Sized & ChipsR135
6 Wings & ChipsR95
8 Wings & ChipsR115
12 Wings & ChipsR140
25 Wings & ChipsR225

Ribs & Chips

Spare Ribs are Marinated in our Smokey Barbeque Basting

1 Rack Ribs & Chips (150g)R97
2 Racks Ribs & Chips (300g)R146
4 Racks Ribs & Chips (600g)R232
8 Racks Ribs & Chips (1.2kg)R464